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What We Offer:

Yingrui offers a variety of packages covering a number of different services so you can choose the right package for you and your child.

1. Guardianship Services:
Help and guidance in coming to the UK

We will help you be ready in every way for your life changing journey to the UK, through both providing practical support for your journey and helping you prepare for and understand all aspects of what life and schooling in the UK will entail.

Supporting and facilitating daily life

We are here to ensure that your daily life in the UK goes smoothly. As such we offer a broad range of services that will ensure you can relax and focus on the important things during your time living and studying in the UK. You can rest easy, if you have support in some aspect, be it accommodation, travel arrangements, exam applications, school and study support plus many more, we probably have it covered for you. We would be delighted to discuss all we have to offer in more detail, please “contact us” to find out more.

Holiday Management

When it comes to either school or personal holidays we will provide support and guidance and help with planning. Ensuring everyone is prepared to make the most of their time.

Study Guidance

Helping you achieve your goals, we will support you across a range of areas to ensure you get the most value and enjoyment from your studies. Helping coordinate with the parents and the school or extra curricular interest clubs to ensure everyone is aligned in helping the student achieve.

Additional services

For extra convenience we offer a broad range of additional services to make your international experience the best possible.

2. Summer Camps:

We also offer summer camps in the UK, these are excellent opportunities to learn more about the UK and its history while improving your English. Please enquire to learn more about these incredible events.

Also available in: 简体中文