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Providing Guardianship for International Students
Who are Yingrui:

Yingrui offer Guardianship services for students studying in the UK, we believe that children learn best when they feel safe and confident in themselves. When studying overseas and away from their families we are their family instead. Offering them high quality pastoral care, and looking after their needs so they can quickly adapt to their new environment, and make the most of their studies and experience. We believe in growing together, and look after our students needs every step of the way. Our staff have a lot to offer our students and are experienced as student councillors, host families, independent listeners supporting international students in independent schools in the UK. While we strongly encourage English learning and development, our staff include fluent Mandarin speakers who are able to offer support to Chinese students in their home language ensuring their needs will always be understood. Working together with schools and parents we will ensure our students have the best support and a safe and caring environment for them to maximise their learning and develop into high achieving and well rounded individuals. We look forward to welcoming your family into ours.

Why Choose Yingrui:

Yingrui provide a personal and supportive service comprising of our own staff, experienced hosts and exceptional Schools, to help your child adapt and integrate quickly and comfortably into their life in the UK.

Personalised Service – Yingrui makes it our mission to know each and every student and build a trusting and caring relationship.

At hand when you need us – we support you to place students in the best local schools, and are lucky to boast a large number of exceptional schools in our vicinity.

Experienced, Friendly Team – our team has experience working with children in various capacities from providing counselling and supporting them to settle at their schools . As parents ourselves with children across all ages we understand children’s needs.

Fantastic Schools – we are lucky to have absolutely amazing schools nearby with whom we work closely, we will support you on your journey to find and place your child at the best school for them.

24/7 Support – our team is always within reach and provides a dedicated hotline for children to reach us should there be an emergency in the evening.

Safe and Secure Environment – Sussex and Surrey boast amongst the lowest crime rates in England as well as many areas of beauty making for a wonderful environment to study.

English Speaking Host Families – all our families are visited and interviewed, with references and background checks taken, before any student is placed with them.

Safe and welcoming Host families – all host families complete a DBS check prior to student placement.

Excellent Student Support – ongoing care and engagement, throughout the term and year, to make sure our children are in good physical and mental health.

Airport Transfers – this service is available to all students in our care for transfers to and from the airport. Students will be accompanied and assisted with checking in and departures.

The UK Learning Experience:
UK Curriculum
Academic Overview

– Years 7-9

Students in these years will have the opportunity to broaden their perspectives through studying a full array of subjects. The core syllabus covers English, Mathematics and the Sciences with additional subject covering the Arts as well as Technology, Business or the Humanities are also available up to GCSE level.

– GCSE’s

Students study for their GCSE’s with examinations taking place over 2 – 3 academic years depending on the subject, school or exam board. Students will usually select at least 5 but usually up to 10 subjects from the national curriculum. Core subjects include English, Mathematics, the Sciences, Languages and the Humanities. A broad range of additional subjects are also available for study as part of the curriculum. Selecting the right school to support your learning objectives is very important as different schools will excel in different areas.

– A Levels

A-Levels are studied by those looking to transition to study at a university in the UK, and are undertaken by students aged 16 or over and are undertaken in either Sixth Form College or Further Education Colleges. There are two stages to A-Levels, AS Level for students aged 16-17 and A2 Level for those aged 17 – 18. With examinations as the end of each stage, which need to be passed to progress to the next level.

Students studying A-levels are able to take as many subjects as they like, however usually students will focus on 3 to 5 depending on their academic ability and ideally focused on what their target university requires for entrance into their desired course.

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